Basic Summary for Yellow fever


Main name of condition: Yellow fever

What is Yellow fever?
  Brief description of Yellow fever: Rare mosquito-borne virus leading to yellowness from jaundice.
  Parent types of Yellow fever: Viral diseases, Mosquito-borne diseases, Vaccine-preventable diseases, Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
  Types of Yellow fever: Urban yellow fever, Jungle yellow fever
How many people get Yellow fever?
  Incidence (annual) of Yellow fever: 1 annual case notified in USA 1999 (MMWR 1999)
  Incidence Rate of Yellow fever: approx 1 in 272,000,000 or 0.00% or 1 people in USA [about data]
Who gets Yellow fever?
  Geography Profile for Yellow fever: Tropical regions of Africa, Central America and South America.
  Geography Profile for Yellow fever: Yellow fever occurs only in Africa and South America. In South America sporadic infections occur almost exclusively in forestry and agricultural workers from occupational exposure in or near forests. 1
How serious is Yellow fever?
  Complications of Yellow fever: see complications of Yellow fever
What causes Yellow fever?
  Class of Condition for Yellow fever: viral
  Causes of Yellow fever: see causes of Yellow fever
  Risk factors for Yellow fever: see risk factors for Yellow fever
What are the symptoms of Yellow fever?
  Incubation period for Yellow fever: 3 to 6 days
  Symptoms of Yellow fever: see symptoms of Yellow fever
Can anyone else get Yellow fever?
  Contagion of Yellow fever: Mosquito-borne; caught by mosquito bites.
  More information: see contagiousness of Yellow fever
How is it treated?
  Treatments for Yellow fever: see treatments for Yellow fever
  Prevention of Yellow fever: see prevention of Yellow fever

1. excerpt from Yellow FeveróDisease and Vaccine: DVBID

Last revision: June 26, 2003

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