Treatments: Islet cell transplants


Introduction: A research treatment for diabetes. Involves a transplant of not the entire pancreas, but only the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin which are the "islet cells" or "beta cells".

The idea is rather than transplanting a whole pancreas, instead transplanting only the "islet cells" that actually produce insulin. There have been successes and there are several ongoing methods to improve islet cell transplants.

The main downside is that with any transplant, the patient must take anti-rejection or immune-suppression medication. While this usually prevents transplant rejection, it also suppresses the good uses of the immune system, making the patient more prone to other diseases. Thus, transplants can resolve diabetes, but the cure can be worse than the disease by creating a vulnerability to other diseases. Research continues into ways to make immune suppression better, and other ways of preventing transplant rejection which would avoid the need for taking immune suppression medications.

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