Treatments: Immunosuppressive drugs


Immunosuppressive drugs: Class of drugs that suppress the immune system
Introduction: Immunosuppressants are a general class of medications that suppress the immune system. They are often used against diseases of the immune system (e.g. autoimmune diseases) and are also used to prevent transplant rejection in organ transplants.

Immunosuppressants versus antihistamines: Immunosuppressants are not a type of antihistamine. Antihistamines are used to respond to an acute attack or over-response by the immune system. Immunosuppressants are usually longer-lasting drugs and work in a different manner, usually by interfering with the body's white blood cells (T-cells or B-cells).

Side effects of immunosuppresants: The main problem with immunosuppressants is that they suppress the immune system, which is what they are supposed to do. Unfortunately, modern immunosuppressants are not specific and suppress all of the immune system, leaving the patient vulnerable to a variety of opportunistic infections that would normally be prevented by the immune system. Patients taking immunosuppressant medications are thus often called immunocompromised (i.e. their immune system is compromised) and are at risk for numerous complications.

Description: A drug given to suppress the natural responses of the body's immune system. Immunosuppressants are given to transplant patients to prevent organ rejection and to patients with autoimmune diseases like lupus. 1

Count: Immunosuppressive drugs is listed as a: treatment for 23 conditions; alternative treatment for 23 conditions; preventive treatment for 0 conditions; research treatment for 0 conditions.
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Immunosuppressive drugs as a treatment: The following list of conditions have 'Immunosuppressive drugs' or similar listed as a treatment in our database:


  • Arteritis ... immunosuppressants
  • Autoimmune diseases ... Immunosuppressants


  • Behcet's Disease ... Immunosuppressive drugs


  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy ... immunosuppressant drugs
  • Crohn's disease ... Immunosuppressives


  • Dermatomyositis ... immunosuppressants


  • Eczema ... immunosuppressive drugs
  • Endocarditis ... immunosuppressants


  • Glomerulonephritis ... immunosuppressants
  • Goodpasture syndrome ... immunosuppressive drugs


  • Lupus ... immunosuppressants


  • Myasthenia Gravis ... immunosuppressants


  • Pemphigus ... immunosuppressants
  • Polyarteritis nodosa ... immunosuppressants


  • Reiterís syndrome ... Immunosuppressants
  • Rheumatoid arthritis ... immunosuppresssive medications


  • Schilder's Disease ... immunosuppressive therapy
  • Scleritis ... immunosuppressants
  • Sjogren's Syndrome ... immunosuppressants, immunosuppressive drugs
  • Sympathetic ophthalmitis ... immunosuppressants


  • Temporal arteritis ... immunosuppressants
  • Thrombocytopenia ... immunosuppressants
  • Transplants ... immunosuppressive drugs

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