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Glucagon: Hormone that stimulates the liver to produce glucose
Introduction: Glucagon as a treatment is an emergency injection used when a diabetic has a dangerous hypo from very low blood sugars. Glucagon is usually only used if eating or drinking sugars and other rapid-acting sweet foods fail, and the diabetic goes unconscious. Glucagon works for all types of diabetes, and both Type 1 diabetics on insulin and Type 2 diabetics on diabetes pills can have dangerous hypos. Diet-only Type 2 diabetics probably will not have hypos, and are thus less likely to need glucagon until their treatment moves on to pills.

Glucagon emergency kits are available for home use, usually by prescription. Glucagon kits are a good safety net for parents with a diabetic child. They are also good for diabetic adults. You might even consider having more than one glucagon kit, at home, work, or other places you frequent. It can be advisable to take one when travelling.

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