Symptom: Watery stool

Watery stool: Watery stool is a form of diarrhea
Introduction: Watery stool is usually a form of diarrhea. It may also be related to loose stool (also within the spectrum of diarrhea). Many conditions causing watery stool will be listed under diarrhea.

More details about diarrhea are available in the discussion of diarrhea as a disease.

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    Watery stool type of: Diarrhea (130), Stool symptoms (173)
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    Conditions listing symptoms: Watery stool: The following list of conditions have 'Watery stool' or similar listed as a symptom in our database. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete. Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the cause of any symptom.


  • Blastocystis hominis ... watery stool
  • Brainerd diarrhea ... watery diarrhea


  • Cholera ... watery diarrhea, rice-water stools
  • Colorectal Polyps ... watery diarrhea
  • Cryptosporiosis ... watery diarrhea
  • Cyclosporiasis ... watery diarrhea


  • Diarrhea ... watery stool
  • Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli ... Watery diarrhea


  • E-coli food poisoning ... watery diarrhea
  • Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli ... profuse watery diarrhea


  • Fecal impaction ... watery stool


  • Ulcerative colitis ... watery diarrhea


  • Vibrio parahaemolyticus ... watery diarrhea
  • Viral dysentery ... watery diarrhea
  • Viral gastroenteritis ... watery diarrhea

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