Symptom: Heavy periods

Heavy periods: Excessive menstrual bleeding (called menorrhagia or hypermenorrhea)
Introduction: Heavy menstrual bleeding is called menorrhagia when it follows normal cycles and can have various underlying causes. Common causes include uterine polyps and uterine fibroids but there are many possibilities. One of the lesser known but surprisingly common causes of chronic menorrhagia is Von Willebrand's disease, a congenital bleeding disorder. Undiagnosed cases of VWD are sometimes wrongly treated by hysterectomy to resolve their menorrhagia symptoms. Any symptom of excessive menstrual bleeding needs prompt professional medical investigation.
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    Symptoms related to Heavy periods: amenorrhea (21), dysmenorrhea (9), vaginal bleeding (24), light periods (6)
    Heavy periods type of: Menstrual irregularities (62)
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  • Adenomyosis ... longer periods, heavy periods
  • Alcoholism ... heavy menstrual flow
  • Autoimmune thyroid diseases ... increased menstrual flow


  • Bleeding disorders ... menorrhagia, Heavy menstrual bleeding


  • Endometrial hyperplasia ... menorrhagia, heavy menstruation, extended menstruation
  • Endometriosis ... heavy periods


  • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis ... increased menstrual flow
  • Hypothyroidism ... increased menstrual flow


  • Menopause ... heavier periods
  • Menorrhagia ... excessive menstrual bleeding, heavy periods


  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ... heavy periods
  • Perimenopause ... heavier periods


  • Salpingitis ... heavy menstrual bleeding


  • Thyroid disorders ... increased menstrual flow


  • Uterine fibroids ... excessive menstrual bleeding


  • Von Willebrand disease ... heavy menstrual bleeding

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