Symptom: Breast lump

Breast lump: Lump in the breast or on the skin area
Introduction: A lump in the breast immediately brings fear of breast cancer, although most breast lumps are benign breast cysts. However, the failure to identify a breast lump as breast cancer is a common misdiagnosis (and a common allegation in malpractice law), and the survival rate after delayed detection is much lower, so the importance of correctly diagnosing a breast lump cannot be understated. There are also other causes of lumps in the breast or related region. Breast-feeding women are prone to breast lumps from mastitis. Men can get breast lumps in gynecomastia, but sometimes men can also get breast cancer. Any breast lump needs immediate professional medical advice to get a correct diagnosis and to detect cases of breast cancer.
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  • Breast Cancer ... breast lump, breast skin pitting, breast thickening, hard painless breast lump
  • Breast lump ... breast lump, various types of breast lump are possible


  • Cancer ... Breast lump


  • Fibroadenoma ... breast lump
  • Fibrocystic breasts ... breast lump, lumpy breasts


  • Mastitis ... lumps in breast ducts

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