Types of Strain


Types list: The list of types of Strain mentioned in various sources includes:

  • Back strain
  • Hamstring strain - back of the thigh strain; common in athletics and running.
  • Elbow strains - common in raquet sports like tennis, or throwing sports.
  • Hand strain - activities or sports requiring gripping.
  • Forearm strain - similar causes as a hand strain.

Types discussion: Two common sites for a strain are the back and the hamstring muscle (located in the back of the thigh). Contact sports such as soccer, football, hockey, boxing, and wrestling put people at risk for strains. Gymnastics, tennis, rowing, golf, and other sports that require extensive gripping can increase the risk of hand and forearm strains. Elbow strains sometimes occur in people who participate in racquet sports, throwing, and contact sports.1

1. excerpt from Questions and Answers Sprains and Strains: NIAMS

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