Birds: Disease risks from bird exposure
Introduction: Birds can be carriers of certain types of diseases that can be transferred to humans. Birds can also act as a "reservoir" for other diseases that may be transmitted by mosquitos or other "vectors".

Condition count: 8; see list of conditions below.
Risk factor classes: Animals (45)
Risk factors: Risk Factor Center, risk factor list

Conditions list: The following list of conditions have 'Birds' or similar listed as a risk factor in our database:


  • Cercarial dermatitis ... ducks, swans, birds, geese, gulls
  • Contagious Diseases ... birds
  • Cryptococcosis ... bird droppings


  • Diseases contagious from animals ... birds
  • Diseases contagious from birds ... parrots, birds


  • Psittacosis ... bird exposure, turkeys, ducks, parrots, macaws, pigeons, poultry, feathers, parakeets, bird droppings, cockatiels, lovebirds, canaries, budgerigars


  • Q fever ... some birds


  • Salmonella food poisoning ... poultry

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