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Tests and diagnosis discussion for Pregnancy: All pregnancy tests are based on the presence of a hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), that the pregnant woman produces after conception. The first self tests of the 1970's used ring, or "tube agglutination," tests consisting of prepackaged red blood cells to detect HCG in urine. A ring at the bottom of the tube indicated a positive result. Sensitive to movement and human error, ring tests are now rarely used. 1

Although most manufacturers claim 99 percent accuracy in laboratory tests, inaccurate results may be more frequent in actual use, due to such factors as improper use of the test, using a product past its expiration date, exposure of the test to the sun, and cancers. The procedures outlined in the instructions must be followed exactly for results to be accurate.

Whitehall Laboratories markets the newest one-step brand, Clearblue Easy. It gives results in three minutes and informs the user when the test hasn't been done properly. This new testing method, called rapid assay delivery system, combines a biochemical process with monoclonal antibodies in one pen-like instrument.

Whatever the result or the brand used, most manufacturers recommend repeating the process a few days later to confirm the results. After conception, a woman produces a minimal amount of HCG. The strength of each test varies, and although a woman may be pregnant, the test may not pick up the amount of HCG hormone present the first time. 1

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