Prevention of Parainfluenza


Prevention of Parainfluenza: No vaccine is currently available to protect against infection caused by any of the HPIVs; however, researchers are developing vaccines against HPIV-1 and -3 infection. Passively acquired maternal antibodies may play a role in protection from HPIV types 1 and 2 in the first few months of life, highlighting the importance of breast-feeding. Strict attention to infection-control practices should decrease or prevent spread of infection. Frequent handwashing and not sharing items such as cups, glasses, and utensils with an infected person should decrease the spread of virus to others. Excluding children with colds or other respiratory illnesses (without fever) who are well enough to attend child care or school settings will probably not decrease the spread of HPIVs, because the viruses are often spread in the early stages of illness. In a hospital setting, spread of HPIVs can and should be prevented by strict attention to contact precautions, such as handwashing and wearing of protective gowns and gloves1

1. excerpt from Human Parainfluenza Viruses: DVRD

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