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Panic disorder: Panic disorder causes episodes of irrational fear and panic called "panic attacks". In addition to the mental symptoms of fear, panic, and terror, these attacks often lead to physical symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, rapid pulse, and various other symptoms. These symptoms can be so severe that many first-time sufferers believe they are having a heart attack or are dying, and go to a hospital emergency room for diagnosis. A single panic attack does not necessarily mean a diagnosis of panic disorder, but multiple episodes usually does. Once an attack can occur, people can get into a vicious cycle of so-called "anticipatory anxiety", where the fear of having an attack leads to increased anxiety. In some cases, people start to avoid places or events that trigger an attack, leading to phobias or agoraphobia.

Panic disorder: Panic disorder is very different from everyday anxiety. More than 3 million American adults have, or will have, panic disorder at some time in their lives. Most frequently, it starts in young adulthood. Usually, it does not go away by itself. But with proper treatment, people with panic disorder can be helped. 1

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1. excerpt from Getting Treatment for Panic Disorder: NIMH

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