Organ: Larynx

Larynx: Voice box that emits sounds up the throat
Introduction: The larynx is the organ that contains the vocal cords that produce our voice. The larynx is located in the neck.
Introduction: The larynx, also called the voice box, is a 2-inch-long, tube-shaped organ in the neck. We use the larynx when we breathe, talk, or swallow.

The larynx is at the top of the windpipe (trachea). Its walls are made of cartilage. The large cartilage that forms the front of the larynx is sometimes called the Adam's apple. The vocal cords, two bands of muscle, form a "V" inside the larynx.1

Condition count: 8 ; see list below.
Organ types: Throat (44), Respiratory system (99)
Related organs: vocal cords (0), neck (43)
Main condition: Larynx conditions
Organs: all organs

Diseases list: The following list of medical conditions have 'Larynx' or similar listed as an affected body part in our database:


  • Croup ... larynx


  • Diphtheria ... larynx


  • Hoarseness ... larynx


  • Laryngitis ... larynx
  • Larynx Cancer ... larynx
  • Larynx conditions ... larynx


  • Pharyngitis ... larynx


  • Respiratory diphtheria ... larynx

    1. excerpt from What You Need To Know About Cancer of the Larynx: NCI

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