Organ: Breathing

Breathing: The process of inhaling air into the lungs
Introduction: When we breathe, we inhale air into the lungs by the movement of the diaphragm muscle, and the ribs moving up and outwards. Inside the tiny lung regions called alveoli, the process of gas exchange puts oxygen into the blood, and takes out waste gases such as carbon dioxide. Breathing is an automatic process handled by the autonomic nervous system, although we also have conscious control over its frequency.
Condition count: 1 ; see list below.
Related organs: lungs (73), gas exchange (0), diaphragm (2), oxygen, carbon dioxide, alveoli (1)
Organs: all organs

Diseases list: The following list of medical conditions have 'Breathing' or similar listed as an affected body part in our database:


  • Tachypnea ... breathing

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