Undiagnosed Osteoporosis


About undiagnosed conditions: One possible misdiagnosis is the failure to correctly diagnose Osteoporosis leading to a person remaining with undiagnosed Osteoporosis. Any condition can potentially be missed and stay undiagnosed. For a general overview of diseases that are often undiagnosed, see Failure to Diagnose or Under-Diagnosed Diseases.

Undiagnosed prevalence of Osteoporosis: 18 million with low bone mass (many are undiagnosed)

Undiagnosed prevalence rate: approx 1 in 15 or 6.62% or 18 million people in USA [about data]

Medical news summaries about non-diagnosis of Osteoporosis: The following medical news items are relevant to nondiagnosis of Osteoporosis:

Undiagnosed Osteoporosis discussion: Many people do not know they have weak bones until they break a hip, wrist, or vertebrae (bones in the spine). Osteoporosis develops as people age because their bones grow thinner and become less dense. With time bones may become weak and may break. For women, the loss of estrogen around the time of menopause means that they may lose bone strength faster. 1

1. excerpt from Menopause - Age Page - Health Information: NIA

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