Medical News Summary: Woman dies after being accidentally injected with antiseptic soution


About: Woman dies after being accidentally injected with antiseptic soution
Date: 25 November 2004
Source: The Seattle Times
Author: Nick Perry, Carol M. Ostrom
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by The Seattle Times): A 69 year old woman died in a Seattle hospital after she was accidentally injected with an antiseptic instead of a marker dye during a brain-aneurysm procedure. The mistake is believed to have occurred because the antiseptic solution had recently been changed from brown to colourless which is the same as the marker dye. The antiseptic solution was injected into a main leg artery resulting in blood vessel damage to the leg. Blood flow stopped and the leg became swollen followed by kidney failure, blood pressure drop and stroke. She had her leg amputated in an attempt to save her but the organ damage eventually caused her death. Her family is considering their legal options.
Related Disease Topics: Brain aneurysm, Kidney failure, Decreased blood pressure, Stroke, Amputation, Organ damage
Related Symptom Topics: Swollen leg, damaged blood vessels

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