Medical News Summary: Studies increasingly pointing to diet as a culprit for cancer


About: Studies increasingly pointing to diet as a culprit for cancer
Date: 29 January 2005
Source: News 8 Austin
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by News 8 Austin): Previous studies have shown that Chinese and Japanese men have as high a 90% reduced risk of prostate cancer compared to American men. A study attempted to examine the reason for this. It was found that second generation American Japanese had higher rates of cancer that first generation American Japanese who in turn had higher rates than Japanese men living in Japan. Breast cancer rates are also remarkably low in Japan compared to America. The researchers claim that this proves that cancer is more likely to be environmental (e.g. diet) rather than genetic. The same researchers are planning another study to determine which aspects of diet protect against cancer and which promote cancer. Another study has already determined that men who eat a diet low in fat and high in fruits and vegetables can reduce their risk of prostate cancer.
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