Medical News Summary: Strict guidelines need to be followed for an accurate blood pressure reading


About: Strict guidelines need to be followed for an accurate blood pressure reading
Date: 14 December 2004
Source: Yuma Sun
Author: Paul G. Donohue
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Yuma Sun): Most doctors adhere to the NIH advised guidelines for blood pressure. It states that a normal blood pressure reading is below 120/80. A blood pressure of 120-139/80-89 is called prehypertension, 140-159/90-99 is called stage 1 hypertension and over 160/100 is called stage 2 hypertension. The goal in a hypertension patient is to reduce pressure readings to at least the prehypertensive level. Diabetics however should aim for below 130/84. A valid blood pressure reading requires the patient to be seated for 5 minutes prior to reading with no nicotine or caffeine consumed in the prior 30 minutes. The arm being tested should be supported at heart level.
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