Medical News Summary: Sleep apnea commonly misdiagnosed


About: Sleep apnea commonly misdiagnosed
Date: 17 October 2004
Source: Indy Star
Author: Lauran Neergaard
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Indy Star): Sleep apnea, a greatly undiagnosed condition, may be the culprit for hastening the onset of heart disease amongst others. The risk of having a vehicle accident is also increased by up to seven times. More than 50% of the estimated 18 million people in America who have sleep apnea are undiagnosed. Symptoms of sleep apnea include breathing cessation during sleep, fatigue during the day and loud snoring. Sleep apnea risk is increased by obesity and enlarged tonsils or adenoids.
Related Disease Topics: Sleep apnea, Obesity
Related Symptom Topics: Enlarged tonsils, enlarged adenoids, loud snoring, breathing cessation during sleep, heart disease, high blood pressure

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