Medical News Summary: Proximity to old toxic waste storage sites may be linked to increased risk of conditions such as respiratory disease


About: Proximity to old toxic waste storage sites may be linked to increased risk of conditions such as respiratory disease
Date: 10 January 2005
Source: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle News
Author: Corydon Ireland
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Rochester Democrat and Chronicle News): A recently completed research has reported that some areas of New York have in increased risk of respiratory disease. It claims that hospitalization rates for infectious respiratory disease in the affected areas (defined by ZIP codes), is as much as 20% higher than the state in general. Previous studies have linked certain New York ZIP codes with low-birth weight babies, thyroid disease women and reproductive disorders in women such as endometriosis. Study results are about to be released which links the ZIP code to increased risk of stroke, ischemic heart disease and high blood pressure. Rochester was one area that had a particularly high incidence of respiratory disease and the researcher believes that the cleanup of hazardous waste from the nearby chemical inactive hazardous waste site should be done in order to reduce the risk of respiratory disease. Pesticides were previously stored at the site. Over the last 24 years, only half of the 1,765 registered waste sites have been cleaned up or determined to be safe. Of the 875 remaining inactive hazardous waste sites, 115 are in the Rochester region, 53 in Monroe County and 32 in the city of Rochester. The researcher believes that inhaled chemicals from these sites may increase the risk of respiratory disease and possibly other conditions as well. He also states the study results are limited by the research design but may still indicate a correlation.
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