Medical News Summary: Osteoporosis rates expected to increase with reduced useage of HRT


About: Osteoporosis rates expected to increase with reduced useage of HRT
Date: 21 December 2004
Source: Food Navigator
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Food Navigator): The announcement last year of the risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer and blood clots has caused many women to stop using it. HRT ideally increases hormone levels in postmenopausal women and alleviates symptoms as well as preventing osteoporosis. The reduced usage of HRT coupled with an aging population and an incomprehensive osteoporosis screening program is anticipated to lead to a dramatic increase in rates of osteoporosis. Thus many more women will become prone to bone fractures and breakages. Lower estrogen levels postmenopausal women can double or quadruple the rate of bone loss. Calcium, vitamin D and exercise are essential for maintaining good bone health.
Related Disease Topics: Heart attack, Stroke, Breast cancer, Blood clot, Osteoporosis, Bone loss (see Weak bones), Menopause, Bone fracture, Broken bones, Vitamin deficiency

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