Medical News Summary: Osteoporosis drug (Forteo) can increase bone mass by 15% in two years


About: Osteoporosis drug (Forteo) can increase bone mass by 15% in two years
Date: 31 May 2004
Source: The Advocate
Author: Laurie Smith Anderson
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by The Advocate): An 80 year old woman who has already suffered two broken legs from osteoporosis is currently trying a new drug – Forteo – which can stimulate new bone formation. 25 million Americans are believed to be suffering from osteoporosis and ¾ of these are women. However, 1/3 of the women over 50 don’t realize they have the disease until they have a fracture. Studies show that there is a 15% increase over two years in bone mass for patients who take Forteo. The medication is helpful to 97% of patients and has very few side effects. After building bone mass over two years, patients are usually put back onto Fosamax to maintain the bone they have built.
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