Medical News Summary: Only certain vegetables and fruits may have cancer fighting properties


About: Only certain vegetables and fruits may have cancer fighting properties
Date: 21 January 2005
Source: Reuters Health
Author: Amy Norton
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Reuters Health): Previous studies have produced inconsistent results about whether fruit and vegetables can inhibit kidney cancer. A recent study involving 61,000 women found that consumption of bananas, root vegetables, salad greens and cabbage produced a statistically significant benefit in terms of kidney cancer risk. Banana consumption 4 to 6 times a week resulted in a halved risk compared to those who didnít eat fruit at all. Root vegetable consumption resulted in a 50-65% reduced risk. The known risk factors for kidney cancer which is diagnosed in 190,000 people world wide each year are smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and exposure to certain chemicals (eg asbestos, cadmium). The protective benefits of bananas may be due to its phenolic content (antioxidant) and the isothiocyanates in cabbage may also fight cancers. Surprisingly, researchers found a high intake of fruit juice was linked to increased risk of kidney cancer but they are unsure of the reason or its meaning.
Related Disease Topics: Kidney cancer, Smoking, Obesity, High blood pressure, Chemical toxicity

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