Medical News Summary: New topical oil therapy for rosacea and acne developed


About: New topical oil therapy for rosacea and acne developed
Date: 13 December 2004
Source: PR Web
Author: Neal Bhatia
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by PR Web): Doctors have finally developed a possible effective therapy for acne and rosacea. The treatment involves topically applying a combination of seabuckthorn oil and other ingredients which kills the human demodex parasite. The treatment comes in the form of a soap under the name of Face Doctor. Even people with normal skin could benefit from a reduction in numbers of human demodex. Roughly 14 million people are affected by rosacea. It is often associated with facial burning, stinging, itching and sometimes swelling (edema). This swelling may contribute to excess nose tissue rhinophyma. The condition is more common in women but more severe cases occur in men. Sunburn and medications such as niacin or certain hypertension drugs may also cause a similar appearance to rosacea leading to an overdiagnosis of the condition. Redness from blood vessel dilation (telangiectasia) may be present even when the disease is cured thus people may continue to take medication unnecessarily. They should instead be using camouflage makeup, sunscreen, vascular laser or intense pulsed light. There is no conclusive way to diagnose the condition apart from assessing the symptoms. Triggers for rosacea attacks include sun exposure, emotional stress, hot weather, cold weather, wind, alcohol, spicy food, heavy exercise, hot bath, hot drinks and some skin-care products. However, lupus, seborrheic dermatitis, drug eruptions and some forms of lymphoma have similar symptoms and may be misdiagnosed as rosacea.
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Related Symptom Topics: Facial burning, facial stinging, facial itching, facial swelling, edema, rhinophyma, blood vessel dilation, telangiectasia

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