Medical News Summary: Metabolic syndrome can be treated with a low carbohydrate diet and exercise


About: Metabolic syndrome can be treated with a low carbohydrate diet and exercise
Date: 4 January 2005
Source: PR Newswire
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by PR Newswire): Doctors are increasingly turning metabolic syndrome patients to lifestyle changes involving a low carbohydrate diet and exercise. They claim that metabolic syndrome is linked to a high-carbohydrate diet, high insulin levels and obesity. High-carbohydrate diets results in higher insulin levels which tells the body to store fat and cholesterol. A low-carbohydrate diet allows better sugar and insulin level regulation and reduces the likelihood of fat and cholesterol being stored. Metabolic syndrome is associated with obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes and is caused by an unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and genetic factors. It increases the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and type II diabetes. The condition is prevalent in about 47 million Americans.
Related Disease Topics: Metabolic syndrome, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, Type II diabetes
Related Symptom Topics: Obesity, overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes

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