Medical News Summary: High blood pressure in blacks not due to genetics


About: High blood pressure in blacks not due to genetics
Date: 4 January 2005
Source: WebMD Medical News
Author: Miranda Hitti
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by WebMD Medical News): Many US studies have shown that African-Americans always have higher rates of blood pressure than white people. However, it has been noticed that this is not true of blacks living in their native land. Thus, the theory that genes in black people predispose them to the condition may be a fallacy. African-Americans have the highest prevalence of high blood pressure of any other black group around the world that was studied. 44% of them have high blood pressure which is 50% more that the rate in US whites. The study showed that German men of European origin had the highest prevalence of high blood pressure 60%. Thus, environmental factors may play a much bigger role in the incidence of high blood pressure than first thought. Perhaps more effort should be in controlling the factors that cause high blood pressure rather than focusing on racial differences.
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