Medical News Summary: Heart disease can occur in people with few cardiovascular risks


About: Heart disease can occur in people with few cardiovascular risks
Date: 20 January 2005
Source: The Sun Herald
Author: Jean Prescott
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by The Sun Herald): A woman suffered an unusual pain while going for a swim one day. She was not concerned and did not seek doctorís advice for a while. The doctor did an EKG but it came back negative. It was not until further testing at a later date was the heart condition diagnosed. She had a blockage of a major coronary artery. She was very surprised because she was thin, reasonably active, didnít smoke but she did have a history of high cholesterol. Following treatment, she changed her diet and took medication to control her cholesterol. She warns that people with only one or two risk factors for heart disease can still develop the condition and women need to be aware that symptoms can vary. Her symptoms did not match the typical pain in the left side, pain in the arms or jaw and heavy chest pain feeling.
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Related Symptom Topics: Pain, pain in left side, pain in arms, pain in jaw, heavy feeling on chest

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