Medical News Summary: Girl in embassy bombing dies from undiagnosed broken ankle infection


About: Girl in embassy bombing dies from undiagnosed broken ankle infection
Date: 28 October 2004
Source: The Jakarta Post
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by The Jakarta Post): A 16 year old girl injured in the embassy bombing in Jakarta was successfully operated on. She went home after two days on her own insistence. She returned later suffering from persistent fevers and delirium. The father alleges that doctors initially misdiagnosed her with paratyphoid then liver problems then malaria. They eventually said she had an internal infection from an unknown source. She was then taken to a hospital in Singapore where the infection was found to have originated from her broken ankle and had spread to her organs. She died not long after. The father is suing the first hospital for medical malpractice.
Related Disease Topics: Paratyphoid, Liver disorder, Malaria, Broken ankle, Infection
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