Medical News Summary: Excess weight is linked to a myriad of diseases


About: Excess weight is linked to a myriad of diseases
Date: 25 November 2004
Source: Web MD Health
Author: Miranda Hitti
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Web MD Health): Being overweight has long been recognized as a prelude to many health problems but a study has defined the illnesses that being overweight can bring about. It has been found to be a causal factor in 41 disease groups including asthma, heart failure, high blood pressure, depression, fatigue, osteoarthritis and stress. Being overweight was linked to 37 of the 41 examined conditions in women and 29 out of the 41 for men. Morbid obesity in women increased the risk of diabetes (by 12 times), knee replacement (by 12 times), heart failure (by 6 times), high blood pressure (by 5 times), gallbladder removal (by 5 times), lung clots (by 4 times) and chronic fatigue and insomnia (by 4 times). Morbid obesity in men is linked to an increase in the risk of such conditions as diabetes (by 8 times), knee replacement (by 6 times), high blood pressure (by 6 times), heart failure (by 4 times) and fatigue, lack of energy and insomnia (by 4 times).
Related Disease Topics: Overweight, Obesity, Asthma, Heart failure, High blood pressure, Depression, Fatigue, Osteoarthritis and stress, Diabetes, Knee replacement, Heart failure, Gallbladder removal, Lung clots, Chronic fatigue (see Fatigue), Insomnia, Morbid obesity

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