Medical News Summary: Different types of sleep disorders plague many millions of Americans


About: Different types of sleep disorders plague many millions of Americans
Date: 15 January 2005
Source: Library Journal
Author: Eris Weaver
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Library Journal): Sleep disorders affects more than 60 million Americans and is frequently undiagnosed. Modern lifestyles encourage sleeping problems such as insomnia which is considered a symptom of other psychological, medical or lifestyle issues. Insomnia can be triggered by depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, respiratory disorders, some medications, boredom and lack of exercise. Mild insomnia can usually be alleviated by reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption and building a relaxed approach to bedtime routines. Chronic insomnia where sleeping problems occur at least three times a week for at least a month may need specialist help at a sleep center. Diagnosis often requires an overnight stay for observation. Daytime sleepiness can also be assessed using the Multiple Sleep Latency Test. Sleep apnea is another sleep disorder which is characterized by snoring, cessation of breathing and excessive daytime sleepiness. Sleep apnea treatment can involve weight loss, a continuous positive air pressure device, dental appliances or surgery. Yet another sleep disorder is narcolepsy which is a nervous system disorder with symptoms such as excessive sleepiness, cataplexy, muscle weakness, hallucinations, sleep paralysis and automatic behavior. Other sleep disorders include restless legs syndrome, sleepwalking, night terrors and nightmares. There are lots of resources such as books and websites available to help inform people about sleep disorder.
Related Disease Topics: Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Chronic pain, Respiratory disorders, Obesity, Overweight, Alcoholism, Sleep disorder, Narcolepsy, Nervous system disorder, Restless legs syndrome, Sleepwalking, Night terrors, Nightmares
Related Symptom Topics: Daytime sleepiness, snoring, breathing cessation, excessive daytime sleepiness, cataplexy, muscle weakness, hallucinations, sleep paralysis, automatic behavior

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  • Diagnosis and cataplexy
  • Diagnosis and muscle weakness
  • Diagnosis and hallucinations
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  • Diagnosis and automatic behavior
  • Undiagnosed
  • Undiagnosed and insomnia
  • Undiagnosed and depression
  • Undiagnosed and anxiety
  • Undiagnosed and stress
  • Undiagnosed and chronic pain
  • Undiagnosed and respiratory disorders
  • Undiagnosed and obesity
  • Undiagnosed and overweight
  • Undiagnosed and alcoholism
  • Undiagnosed and sleep disorder
  • Undiagnosed and narcolepsy
  • Undiagnosed and nervous system disorder
  • Undiagnosed and restless legs syndrome
  • Undiagnosed and sleepwalking
  • Undiagnosed and night terrors
  • Undiagnosed and nightmares
  • Undiagnosed and daytime sleepiness
  • Undiagnosed and snoring
  • Undiagnosed and breathing cessation
  • Undiagnosed and excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Undiagnosed and cataplexy
  • Undiagnosed and muscle weakness
  • Undiagnosed and hallucinations
  • Undiagnosed and sleep paralysis
  • Undiagnosed and automatic behavior

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