Medical News Summary: Diabetics need to be aware of possible complications


About: Diabetics need to be aware of possible complications
Date: January 2005
Source: NBC4i
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by NBC4i): Annually, 86,000 of the 17 million diabetics in American undergo limb amputations because of nerve damage or neuropathy caused by diabetes complications. Experts believe that half of these amputations may have been avoided if diabetics were more aware of complications and how to prevent them. Complications of diabetes include eye disease, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke or nerve damage resulting in loss of sensation in body areas. Nerve damage means that a patient may sustain an injury to their foot but not feel it. The untreated wound can rapidly lead to problems which may require amputation. Preventative measures to reduce risk of diabetes complications include wearing shoes even at home, ensuring shoes are clean inside, ensuring shoes fit correctly and regular podiatrist visits.
Related Disease Topics: Diabetes, Nerve damage (see Nerve symptoms), Neuropathy, Amputation, diabetes complications, Eye disease, Kidney failure, Heart disease, Stroke, Injury, Wound
Related Symptom Topics: Loss of sensation

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