Medical News Summary: Diabetics are more prone to the potentially fatal bacteremia and sepsis


About: Diabetics are more prone to the potentially fatal bacteremia and sepsis
Date: 28 January 2005
Source: Medical News Today
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Medical News Today): It has long been known that diabetes is linked to obesity and can cause kidney problems, nerve damage, blood vessel damage and blindness. A recent study has found that diabetics may also be more prone to blood infections or sepsis which can lead to fever and septic shock. Septic shock can cause a dramatic drop in blood pressure which can be fatal. The Danish research involving over 1,300 subjects with bacteremia found that 17% of them had diabetes compared to 6% in the general population. Thus, they concluded that diabetics were more likely to develop bacteremia cause by urinary tract infection rather than abdominal infections and they were more likely to die from the condition than non-diabetics. It has been noted that diabetics are more prone to urinary tract infections and thus their risk of bacteremia increases. Diabetics who are prone to UTI”s should avoid known risk factors such as catheterization and symptoms of UTI or bacteremia should be dealt with promptly.
Related Disease Topics: Diabetes, Obesity, Overweight, Kidney disorder, Nerve damage (see Nerve symptoms), Blood vessel damage (see Blood vessel symptoms), Blindness, Blood infection, Sepsis, Bacteremia, Urinary tract infection, Abdominal infection, UTI
Related Symptom Topics: Fever, septic shock, low blood pressure

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