Medical News Summary: Dementia more prevalent in black Americans


About: Dementia more prevalent in black Americans
Date: 21 January 2005
Source: USA Today
Author: Janice Billingsley
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by USA Today): America’s black population has the highest incidence of Alzheimer’s of any other American group. This is probably due to the fact that black Americans also have a greater incidence of type 2 diabetes and vascular diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Black face a 60% higher risk of type 2 diabetes than whites and 15% greater incidence of hypertension. The Alzheimer’s Association claims that hypertension or high cholesterol double the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies show that black American’s face a 14-100% greater risk of dementia and 44% of direct relatives of black Alzheimer’s sufferers also face a risk of dementia. The other handicap that black dementia sufferers face is a general mistrust of doctors, lack of health care and economic reasons. This leads to later diagnosis and hence a poorer outcome.
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