Medical News Summary: Concerns over Celebrex use mounting


About: Concerns over Celebrex use mounting
Date: 18 December 2004
Source: Health Talk
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Health Talk): The manufacturer of Celebrex, Pfizer, refuses to withdraw its product from the market despite the fact that research has shown that it can increase the risk of heart attack if taken in low doses. This side effect was recently noticed during a cancer prevention trial which was stopped suddenly when it was found that Celebrex was associated with a tripled risk of cardiovascular events when taken in large doses. Celebrex belongs to the same class of drugs as the recently banned Vioxx Cox-2 inhibitors. In fact, the whole class of Cox-2 inhibitors is being scrutinized for their association with increased risk of cardiovascular events. Even the FDA supports the decision to leave Celebrex on the market but warns consumers to discuss alternative medications with their doctor.
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