Medical News Summary: Cold-induced urticaria


About: Cold-induced urticaria
Date: 6 January 2005
Source: About
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by About): Cold-induced urticaria occurs in 25% of US people during their lifetime. The condition is frequently undiagnosed and is caused by rapid temperature changes which trigger histamine production. It is characterized by hives which are pale red skin swellings that occur in groupings and can itch, burn or sting. Large areas of body exposed to sudden temperature changes can cause a greater production of histamine which can cause symptoms such as wheezing, flushing and fainting. Antihistamines can alleviate symptoms as can avoidance of triggers like sudden temperature changes as well as other triggers such as certain foods (particularly eggs, nuts and shellfish), drugs (particularly penicillin), infection, insect stings or blood transfusions.
Related Disease Topics: Cold-induced urticaria, Allergy, Allergic response
Related Symptom Topics: Pale red skin swellings, itching, burning, stinging, wheezing, flushing, fainting

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