Medical News Summary: Children increasingly face adult diseases


About: Children increasingly face adult diseases
Date: 19 December 2004
Source: The Enquirer - Cincinnati
Author: Krista Ramsey
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by The Enquirer - Cincinnati): Children are increasingly becoming afflicted with diseases that were previously confined mostly to adults. This alarming observation is happening because of the western lifestyle of high sugar, low fat diet coupled with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Genetics is also playing a larger role in this increase. The incidence of diabetes and high cholesterol is increasing in children with one in three of the current 4-year-olds in America expected to develop Type II diabetes by the time they reach adolescence or early adulthood. 60% of current adolescents are expected to enter adulthood with at least two risk factors of heart disease. These two diseases are expected to increase the incidence of conditions such as heart attack, blindness, stroke and amputations. Factors other than diet are also believed to be linked to this escalating health crisis. Some believe that inflammation or possibly an immune response may result from the body responding to the high level of antibacterial soaps and cleaning products that abound in most people’s lifestyles. Parents and children need to be aware that many cases of Type II diabetes can be cured by eating properly and exercising. Researchers are horrified by the increase in incidence of metabolic syndrome which involves a group of conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol which lead to diabetes, arterial disease and heart and kidney disease. The prevalence rate of metabolic syndrome in adolescents has risen from 4.2% (1964) to 6.4% (1994). Even children who are within the normal weight range may be prone to high cholesterol or high blood pressure due to diet or genetics.
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