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Midsystolic-click-late systolic murmur syndrome: Another name for Mitral-valve prolapse.
Midsystolic-click-late systolic murmur syndrome (condition): A common heart condition that is often harmless.

Midsystolic-click-late systolic murmur syndrome: Mitral-valve prolapse (MVP) is frequently diagnosed in healthy people and is, for the most part, harmless. Most people suffer no symptoms at all. New estimates are that about 2 percent of the adult population has the condition. MVP is also called floppy valve syndrome, Barlow's or Reid-Barlow's syndrome, ballooning mitral valve, midsystolic-click-late systolic murmur syndrome, or click murmur syndrome. MVP can be present from birth or develop at any age and occurs equally in both men and women. MVP is one of the most frequently made cardiac diagnoses in the United States. 1

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1. excerpt from Facts About Mitral-Valve Prolapse: NHLBI

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