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Immune conditions: Another name for Immune disorders.
Immune conditions (condition): Any disorder involving the immune system.
Immune conditions (condition): The immune system helps the body defend against various microbes and pollutants. However, the immune system itself can have various failings. An impaired immune system is called immunocompromise and can leave the body vulnerable to various viral, bacterial, or fungal opportunistic infections. Causes of immune deficiency can include various illnesses such as viruses, chronic illness, or immune system illnesses (especially AIDS).

The other type of immune disorder involves an over-active immune response. There are several different classes of diseases from an excessive response by the immune system:

  • Allergies - a true allergy to a substance or food is caused by the immune response.
  • Asthma - caused by an allergic reaction affecting the airway passages.
  • Anaphylaxis - an extremely dangerous over-reaction that can lead to shock
  • Autoimmune diseases - a group of more than 100 diseases where the body's own immune system gets confused and starts to attack good body cells.

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