Medical Dictionary: Human genome project

Human genome project: International effort to decode the human genome
Introduction: The genome is the name of the full set of all DNA code for a person or animal. The human genome project (HGP) is an international effort to map the entire human DNA code known as the "human genome". It is a cooperative effort that spans many countries and involves both government and private enterprise. The results were achieved early and it was discovered that the human genome contains only about 30,000 genes, compared to the expected value of 100,000 genes.

The genome results are available for public download without any fee. However, they are not free for re-distribution, and various copyrights are retained. Various patents related to numerous DNA areas have also been requested by commercial and government bodies. Corporations are seeking the right to profit from this new DNA information, and whatever new features they discover using it. The stock market is currently watching numerous companies that may profit massively from advances in genome research, and more importantly, profit from the subsequent medical discoveries that should occur.

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