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HHC: Another name for Hemochromatosis.
HHC (condition): Excess of iron leading to problems with joints, liver, heart and pancreas.
HHC (condition): Hemochromatosis is genetic disease, affecting around 1-in-200 to 1-in-300, where excessive iron builds up in the body and gradually damages various body organs. Over time it damages the joints (causing arthritis), liver (causing liver disease), heart (causing heart disease), and pancreas (causing diabetes). Because it has no early symptoms, hemochromatosis is often undiagnosed until serious organ damage causes other conditions or symptoms. Even at this stage, hemochromatosis may be overlooked as the underlying cause with a diagnosis of arthritis, liver disease, heart disease or diabetes given. This is unfortunate because hemochromatosis is usually treatable to at least stop and often to reverse the organ damage.

HHC: Hemochromatosis, the most common form of iron overload disease, is an inherited disorder that causes the body to absorb and store too much iron. The extra iron builds up in organs and damages them. Without treatment, the disease can cause these organs to fail. 1

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