Medical Dictionary: Heredopathia Atactica Polyneuritiformis

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Heredopathia Atactica Polyneuritiformis: Another name for Refsum Disease.
Heredopathia Atactica Polyneuritiformis (condition): Genetic disease affecting nerve and muscle control.

Heredopathia Atactica Polyneuritiformis: Refsum disease is one of a group of genetic disorders called the leukodystrophies that affect growth of the myelin sheath, the fatty coveringówhich acts as an insulatoróon nerve fibers in the brain. Refsum disease is characterized by the abnormal accumulation of phytanic acid in blood plasma and tissues. (Phytanic acid is not made in the human body; it comes from the dietódairy products, beef, lamb, and some seafood). 1

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1. excerpt from NINDS Refsum Disease Information Page: NINDS

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