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Diffuse toxic goiter: Another name for Hyperthyroidism.
Diffuse toxic goiter (condition): Too much thyroid hormone production.
Diffuse toxic goiter (condition): Hyperthyroidism refers to excess secretion of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland. It is also called "thyrotoxicosis". One common type of hyperthyroidism is Graves' disease, which is an autoimmune disease.

Diffuse toxic goiter: Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone and makes the body use more energy than it should. Symptoms may include nervousness, irritability, shaky hands, increased perspiration, warm skin, thinning hair, weight loss, decreased menstruation, eye changes, and weak leg muscles. Grave's disease is the most common form of hyperthyroidism. It is an autoimmune condition in which the body produces antibodies that overstimulate the thyroid gland, so that it produces too much thyroid hormone. 1

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