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Diabetic hypo: Another name for Diabetic hypoglycemia.
Diabetic hypo (condition): Low blood sugar attack from insulin or diabetes medications
Diabetic hypo (condition): One of the most dangerous short-term side effects of diabetes is the possibility of a "hypo", which is a low sugar reaction, also called "hypoglycemic shock" or "insulin shock". Paradoxically, it isn't sugar that is most dangerous to diabetes, but insulin injections or insulin-enhancing diabetes pills. Too much insulin will lower the blood sugar too much, which means that cells don't get enough sugar, leading initially to odd behavior and eventually to cell damage. Although it is called "insulin shock", a hypo can occur with both insulin for Type 1 diabetes and the diabetes pills for Type 2 diabetes. A hypo is unlikely to occur for a Type 2 diabetic who is on a diet-only treatment plan and takes no diabetes pills (perhaps even impossible?).

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Diabetic hypo (symptom): Type of Hypoglycemia.

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