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Detached retina: Another name for Retinal detachment.
Detached retina (condition): Partial or total detachment of retina from the back of the eye.
Detached retina (condition): Retinal detachment (or "detached retina") is a serious eye condition needing immediate diagnosis and often urgent eye surgery avoid vision loss in the affected eye. Visual floaters and flashes are common symptoms that need immediate diagnosis, but retinal detachment is not the most common cause of floaters/flashes with other less serious conditions such as vitreous detachment more common. All such symptoms of retinal detachment need urgent diagnosis because of the severe outcome if the problem is caused by retinal detachment.

Detached retina: This happens when the inner and outer layers of the retina become separated. With surgery or laser treatment, doctors often can reattach the retina and bring back all or part of your eyesight.1

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Detached retina (symptom): Type of Retina symptoms.

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