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CO poisoning: Another name for Carbon monoxide poisoning.
CO poisoning (condition): Poisoning from breathing air with too much carbon monoxide, usually from combustion.
CO poisoning (condition): Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas by-product of poorly burnt fuels that can arise from wood stoves, car engines, boat engines, or other fire sources. CO poisoning occurs from breathing in the gas. Acute CO poisoning occurs from breathing a large amount. Chronic CO poisoning can occur gradually over years, typically from ongoing exposure to lower levels in the home or occupation.

CO poisoning is difficult to diagnose, and is often misdiagnosed as other condition. Acute CO poisoning usually leads to obvious symptoms quickly (e.g. nausea, vomiting), but is not always correctly diagnosed. Chronic CO poisoning is particularly difficult to diagnose, as it can have vague and non-specific symptoms for years.

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