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Bleeding: Another name for Hemorrhage.
Bleeding (condition): Bleeding of any type (especially when referring to severe bleeding)

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Bleeding (symptom): Another name for Bleeding symptoms.
Bleeding (symptom): Any type of bleeding symptoms.
Bleeding (symptom): Bleeding severity can range from mild local bleeding at a small injury to massive hemorrhage. Internal bleeding may also show via blood in stool, blood in urine, or gastrointestinal bleeding. Other common sites for bleeding symptoms include nosebleeds, digestive bleeding, vaginal bleeding (and dysmenorrhea), rectal bleeding, and bleeding gums. Bruising is also related to bleeding. Excessive unexplained bleeding or bleeding easily can be caused by numerous diseases including bleeding disorders and several severe diseases (e.g. Leukemia). Any type of bleeding is a severe symptom that needs prompt professional medical diagnosis.

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