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Autosomal: Referring to the autosomes (i.e. the chromosomes 1..22 but not the sex chromosomes)
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Autosomal: Another name for Autosomal Genetic Diseases.
Autosomal (condition): Genetic diseases where the gene on non-sex chromosomes 1..22
Autosomal (condition): Autosomal diseases are genetic conditions that affect genes on the non-sex chromosomes. The non-sex chromosomes 1..22 are called "autosomes" and the resulting conditions called autosomal conditions. The other conditions affecting the sex chromsomes X and Y are called x-linked genetic diseases. See also articles Introduction to Genetics and Introduction to Genetic Diseases.

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Autosomal (organ): Another name for Autosomes.
Autosomal (organ): Non-sex chromosomes 1..22 but not the sex chromosomes
Autosomal (organ): The non-sex chromosomes 1..22 are called "autosomes". Both males and females normally have pairs of each autosome. The sex chromosomes (X and Y) are not autosomes. Many chromosome disorders and genetic disorders (autosomal recessive or autosomal dominant) affect the autosomes.

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