Basic Summary for Megalencephaly


Main name of condition: Megalencephaly
Other names or spellings: Macrencephaly

What is Megalencephaly?
  Brief description of Megalencephaly: Abnormally large brain.
  Parent types of Megalencephaly: Brain conditions
  Organs Affected by Megalencephaly: brain
  Types of Megalencephaly: Unilateral megalencephaly (hemimegalencephaly)
Who gets Megalencephaly?
  Patient Profile for Megalencephaly: Can occur at birth or later in life.
  Profile for Megalencephaly: Head enlargement may be evident at birth or the head may become abnormally large in the early years of life. 1
  Gender Profile for Megalencephaly: Males more than females.
How serious is Megalencephaly?
  Prognosis of Megalencephaly: The prognosis for individuals with megalencephaly largely depends on the underlying cause and the associated neurological disorders. The prognosis for those with hemimegalencephaly is poor. 1
What causes Megalencephaly?
  Causes of Megalencephaly: Megalencephaly is thought to be related to a disturbance in the regulation of cell reproduction or proliferation. In normal development, neuron proliferation - the process in which nerve cells divide to form new generations of cells - is regulated so that the correct number of cells is formed in the proper place at the appropriate time. 1
  Causes of Megalencephaly: see causes of Megalencephaly
What are the symptoms of Megalencephaly?
  Symptoms of Megalencephaly: see symptoms of Megalencephaly
How is it treated?
  Treatments for Megalencephaly: see treatments for Megalencephaly

1. excerpt from NINDS Megalencephaly Information Page: NINDS

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