Basic Summary for Marine toxins


Main name of condition: Marine toxins

What is Marine toxins?
  Brief description of Marine toxins: Toxic food poisoning from eating contaminated fish or shellfish
  Parent types of Marine toxins: Food poisoning
  Types of Marine toxins: Scombrotoxic fish poisoning, Ciguatera poisoning, Paralytic shellfish poisoning, Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning, Amnesic shellfish poisoning
How many people get Marine toxins?
  Incidence (annual) of Marine toxins: approximately 30 cases annually in USA (DBMD)
  Incidence Rate of Marine toxins: approx 1 in 9,066,667 or 0.00% or 29 people in USA [about data]
  Prevalance of Marine toxins: Every year, approximately 30 cases of poisoning by marine toxins are reported in the United States. Because healthcare providers are not required to report these illnesses and because many milder cases are not diagnosed or reported, the actual number of poisonings may be much greater.1
How serious is Marine toxins?
  Deaths for Marine toxins: 1 death every 4 years (DBMD)
What are the symptoms of Marine toxins?
  Seasonality of Marine toxins: Toxic seafood poisonings are more common in the summer than winter because dinoflagelates grow well in warmer seasons.1
How is it treated?
  Treatments for Marine toxins: see treatments for Marine toxins
  Prevention of Marine toxins: see prevention of Marine toxins

1. excerpt from Marine Toxins: DBMD

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