Prevention of Japanese encephalitis


Prevention of Japanese encephalitis: As with other biting insects, the use of protective clothing (i.e., long-sleeved shirts and long pants) and insect repellent is recommended to prevent bites. 1

Japanese encephalitis vaccine is recommended for persons who plan to reside in areas where Japanese encephalitis is endemic or epidemic (residence during a transmission season). Risk for acquiring Japanese encephalitis is highly variable within the endemic regions2

Estimates suggest that risk of Japanese encephalitis in highly endemic areas during the transmission season can reach 1 per 5,000 per month of exposure; risk for most short-term travelers may be 1 per million. Although Japanese encephalitis vaccine is reactogenic, rates of serious allergic reactions (generalized urticaria or angioedema) are low (1 to 104 per 10,000). Advanced age may be a risk factor for developing symptomatic illness after infection. Japanese encephalitis acquired during pregnancy carries the potential for intrauterine infection and fetal death. These special factors should be considered when advising elderly persons and pregnant women who plan visits to areas where Japanese encephalitis is endemic. 2

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